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We offer several advertising opportunities designed to get your NFT project in front of all our viewers – NFT experts, enthusiasts, collectors and buyers. Feel free to browse all advertising/sponsored positions available on &

Steps to Follow: Fill Submit Your NFT form, drop us and email on, send us funds via or equal amount in ETH, SOL or BTC. Once funds get transferred in our account we immediately start working over your NFT listing and your NFT will be live within 12 working hours!

Reserve Slot (Bi-Weekly / Month)

Featured NFT + Marketing

Next Available: Aug, Sept & Oct 2022.

Mention 14 days or 2 weeks and we start marketing activities heavily for that in that particular duration at our end. In case you like to opt for a month then mention it.

  • Effective landing pages created for the NFT’s on &
  • Check landing page examples on Non-Fungible Tokens Page.
  • Landing NFT page marked as a Featured NFT, inclusion of more number of fields over landing page where you can list extra details like press releases, articles, subscriber details etc.
  • Once opted for paid listing unlimited number of changes allowed on your listing page created on &
  • NFT showcase in seperate Featured NFT section on &
  • Promotion across major social media accounts, all these accounts having good fan following and due to exact match custom URL’s performs very well.
  • At least 4 posts per week or 8 posts bi-weekly about NFT get published over social media channels, in case of monthly plan 20 posts in a month.
  • Sharing, tweeting and retweeting your NFT project several times a day.
  • 4 Blogposts of 300+ words (1 blogpost each website, after an interval of 15 days) about your NFT and it’s features over & * (monthly plan only).
  • You can add your NFT artwork in blogposts, share up to 4-6 images which can be added in between post.  * (monthly plan only).
  • Further on these blogposts get socialize via social media accounts (several times a month).  * (monthly plan only).
  • Full marketing blitz during any phase.
  • Bi-Weekly campaign runs 14-days and monthly Campaigns includes 4 weeks promotion.

Fill form or email us for more for more details, we can customize marketing plan as per your need, requirement & budget.

Please Note: Payment in any case is non-refundable as we have to plan our working and make schedules, hence review above package carefully!