Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The Last Days Metaverse

This is the First Edition of 3300 Officially released NFT Characters for use in the upcoming social gaming platform, The Last Days Metaverse.

The Novatar

The NovatarCity is located in WebScapes – the world between the Blockchain and real life. It is meant to be the home for your new identities – the Novatars.

Pixlr Genesis

Build the preeminent 100% decentralized art museum to rival the Louvre, MOMA and National Gallery. Pixlr Genesis is the world’s art-based metaverse.

Alpha Gorillas

5000 unique Alpha Gorillas will be wildly unleashed on the Solana blockchain. But not just like that, the Alphas have a plan.

Doggie Punks

Doggie Punks are a collection of 5000 uniquely generated baby dogs who have migrated from the jungles to find solace on the Solana Blockchain and are ready to bark ARF ARF ARF as soon as you mint them. 

Realm of Cuboids

Cuboids are playable characters in the 3D Realm of the Cuboids Metaverse. The Cuboids video game will feature a physics-based gameplay where you play as your Cuboid and eliminate other players by pushing them in a brawl manner off the map or onto traps that cause damage

M101 Shelter

The M101 Shelter is generative side-profile characters, which are ready to warp through Galaxy, get in adventures, meet new sentient races and solve the mystery of the Fold.


CoGoNuts are a collection of 3350 cute and unique fruits with merging powers. They’re called CoGoNuts because of the way these cuties went completely nuts at the hottest party of Solana Beach.

Fluffy Fox Society

After Monkes and Doges, Fluffies are joining the party. We have designed fluffies with more than 125+ traits and kept the supply at 2222 to provide even more value.

Blocks and Cryps

Project X is a core part of Blocks and Cryps and one that we believe will help to elevate all the NFT gangsters in the crews.

Mighty Lions Beach

Mighty Lions Beach is a set of 5K unique Mighty Lions on Polygon. Join the beach party by getting your lion. Lions will get perks.


A community driven NFT project of 6,789 fuzzy Squatchies roaming the fabled Solana plains. FUM FUM